Working Order

working order pano
Group Show

ARTISTS: Brian Pollero, Pat Tañedo, Gab Ferrer, Jiddu San Jose, and Keigh Keigh

Exhibit notes by Vianca Delacruz

Pat Tanedo, Gab Ferrer, Jiddu San Jose, Keigh Keigh and Bryan Pollero

Pat Tanedo, Gab Ferrer, Jiddu San Jose, Keigh Keigh and Bryan Pollero

Working Order is a 5-person show by artists who were drawn together by a common center. Featured in the exhibit are pieces that discuss various ideas that concern the artists such as identity, growth, and adaptation. Meeting in this avenue, Gab Ferrer, Keigh Keigh, Jiddu San Jose, Pat Tanedo, and Bree Pollero communicate their efforts towards development as they grow in their space.

Dealing with perceptions of the self and relating this with society and with nature, Tañedo and Pollero give emphasis to the idea of collective identity. In sharing his self-portraits, Pollero invites the viewers to also find themselves in the paintings. Complementary to this series, Tañedo’s representations challenge the viewers to think past themselves and to reflect on qualities that bind all of us together.

This sense of introspection is likewise observed in the works of both Keigh and San Jose. In the production of her work, Keigh attempts to portray an entity’s capacity to respond to the facticity of one’s environment. Meanwhile, San Jose explores an individual’s capacity to be human – in reaching a zenith, in undergoing a decline, and in reaching a metaphorical rock-bottom. These rather intimate studies of the self are balanced by Ferrer’s driven outward reactions to her surroundings. Ferrer’s work represents her response to the variability of norms of civility in society as brought about by an ever-changing community.