Of Vice and Acedia

Solo Exhibit

ARTIST: LENY LEONOR | First Solo Exhibit

Exhibit notes

Navigating the internet has become integrated in people’s daily activities. Walls of text, images, videos and games flood our screen every time we turn on our devices. And there’s always the usual question of how much (or how little) of this deluge do we really get to process and absorb. But perhaps learning is out of the question to begin with. After all, internet is the magical place we frequent in order to escape the crushing weight of reality, not to study the molecular structures of bananas. Oh, heavy is the burden of repetitive work. Why do we have to be functioning members of society when there’s free wi-fi and download is almost complete?

“Of Vice and Acedia” is an attempt to express the frustration and guilt I feel after spending hours on the internet and discovering that I rarely absorb anything relevant. It is like a stasis where I neglect the pursuit of meaning and ignore the tasks needed to be accomplished. “Of Vice and Acedia” is a visual confession of a habit.