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Nihilist Meme

Artist: Miles Villanueva

nihilist-memeExhibit Notes

Inspired from a social media community called Nihilist Memes whose satirical content delivers a comedic approach to the futility of life, Villanueva creates a commentary on the action of Man incessantly reminded to us by Media.

He collates cut outs of human mishaps—accidents, calamities, tragedies from old science books, instruction manuals, magazines, comic books, graphic novels and printouts. He then uses a Rattrap or snap trap, a common household product that baits rodents to rid of them instantly. Analogizing the association of pest to trap and Man to its misfortune, he makes a collage of the cutouts and thoughtfully places them on the traps.

He then, coats these works meticulously and frames it to produce a meme—a culture, a belief that invites humor.

All man is exposed to deathtraps be it the cause of his own doing or orchestrated by life. Like a squirming rodent captured in a snap trap, humans somehow manage to get caught and tanged in these snares of life. But who really cares? It happens all the time anyway. Natural Selection? Darwin must be really proud.