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Artist: Kadin Tiu

Mercurial Exhibition notes

  • Ronald Caringal

One of the things Kadin Tiu focuses on in her work is her concern for inhabiting spaces with visual form. Part of her process in this show is to photograph a piece of fabric which she manipulated to many desired forms. The fabric itself limited in its ability to transform without aid and could only respond to the extent of what she can do with it. It cannot go beyond its physical limitations and same with its photo counterparts.

Here begins her exploration of the subject in her paintings. In it the fabric can extend well beyond its reach. It can fold, shift, contour, turn, arch, extend, rise, compress and turn every which way imaginable. By painting it she has expanded the fabric’s capacity to create form by allowing it to inhabit a new space.

With this process she was able to see the fabric in a different light and see it unravel as something beyond what she originally physically saw – or what the rest of us would commonly see. By painting it she began to see it become pliable. It became something beyond her initial acceptance and understanding. Tiu’s control over the physical form has been nullified by its volatile transformation in the painting. The fabric found new life and extended if not surpassed its accepted limitations without losing itself in the process; without losing identity. It transformed without becoming entirely something else. It became mercurial.