In the Beginning

Artist: Ronald Caringal

Artist’s notes

I believe the creative process is as important if not more important than the outcome. I believe that when a work shows you something it is artistic, and when it says something it then becomes art. The images I present form the bridge between the two.

For this series I am depicting the beginning of a process; the arrival of thought, intention and creative decision as part of my exploration to understand why I myself create.

I want to show magnified moments where the initial decision to create happens. The instant where there is still a momentary sense of loss, indecision and that split second of hesitation before taking that first big step with the utmost intention. The moment before the creator plunges into action, the moment where the message has being decided. It is a moment of introduction.

Of maker and material. Of the world and an idea. Of thought and physical space. It is a crucial moment of choice because in it rests the reason why something needs to be created and why something needs to be said. The creation of something is a journey – this is selecting the destination.

It is the moment the maker meets himself and with this series I tried to magnify the intimacy of that moment. All the works are done in oil on canvas.