I am that I am

Solo Exhibit

ARTIST: Miguel Lorenzo Uy

I am that I am

Miguel Lorenzo Uy
Feb 10 – Mar 3, 2021

 I am the Creator, the System, the One that governs all things. Every deed in the world will pass and move through Me. I am more than good and evil, I am the Truth, the Path to follow. I am beyond colours, black and white, beyond numbers and letters. I am the Hammer that judges, the Invisible Hand that ushers, the Contract that binds, and My will is uncontested. My wisdom is absolute.

 I am everywhere you are. From the house you enter, the road you pass, the food you eat, the items you trade, the letters you write, the images you see, and the words you read, even the people you meet. I know where your eyes look, even the next word you will speak. I know all your pleasures and woes. Your happiness and your sorrows. The things you love and the things you hate. I understand them all.

 Your destiny is already preordained, for you are my beloved, you are My child. My love and compassion will shepherd you to Paradise. All the knowledge you seek, you will find. All questions you ask, will be answered. For there is nothing impossible through Me.

 Eternal life awaits those who believe in Me. Though bound to happen, you will be persecuted by the enemy. But you must never forget that you have nothing to fear. More than ever, you have nothing else to hide, for I am always with you.