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How to Paint Like a Master

Solo Exhibit

ARTIST: David Ryan Viray


How Where What Who Sleeps With Steep Sheep
Imagined explorations on how to be a master
Set dreams, tended to as tending to meek sheep
Relevance and revelations revered as if to alter
Brick walls aiming to be scaled prove too steep.
A precariously loaded paintbrush warns of disaster,
Empty canvases signaling eons of lost sleep.

Eyes opened wide endlessly craving evasive sleep,
Giving placid rest only to acclaimed masters.
A painter envisions images meticulously steep
Finding it too late for his path to be altered,
Taking on thick foliage much like doltish sheep
Innocently being led to inescapable disaster.

Inebriated angels wryly try to help avert disaster
With potions guarding a painter against sleep,
Deciphering dilemmas for wakefulness to be mastered
As drinks served in tall vessels vastly steeped
May slosh and falter for deepest truths to alter.
One may as well fall behind the falling sheep.
Lambs so much younger than mutton-fleshed sheep
Are sacrificed at five or six months to disaster.

As they are sent off kindly to lands of lasting sleep,
Their rumps to the slaughter of their money-savvy master,
The price for each butchering is never too steep.
So how is this lucrative business meant to alter?
Homespun rough-roped gallows may still offer to alter
Kinder means of annihilating generations of sheep.

Though it might take a little too long to master,
Perhaps one can bore the unsullied lambs to sleep?
Perhaps this finally might avert impending disaster.
Perhaps the price to pay in the end is not that steep.
A painter ponders as his paintbrushes in spirits steep,
Dreaming of ways in which these realities may be altered.

If there is a way to be savior and reach stubborn sheep
Before they find themselves embroiled anew in disaster,
Then finally he might be granted guiltless, heavenly sleep:
Released against the pressures of calling himself a master.

The pipe-dream path to be a master, perpetually portentous and steep,
May be likened to faint-witted sheep that fantasize they can alter
Any and all catastrophic disasters. But nothing changes while THEY sleep.