all eras seem to exist at once

Solo Exhibit

ARTIST: Neil Dela Cruz

It’s been happening for quite some time now.

We take from generation’s past,

we collect these ideas in the guise of paying homage to the brilliance of the history.

But in doing so, we appropriate them as our own. This endless stream of recombination, reanimation, and reenactment has spawned like we actually breathe new species of whatever is happening.

This is the endless labyrinth i’m now a part of. I weave through the maze of infinite combinations of everything and hopefully, connect new pathways while navigating through what’s been done before.

I like to think of things just going through the motions of adapting and moulding them.

But in the process,

“All eras seem to exist at once”. It recombines itself unmindfully of it’s past and unsure of its future?